Spring Hill

  Named for its hilly topography, panoramic view of the city, and natural underground springs, Spring Hill/Cityview is located north of downtown Pittsburgh. Its neighboring communities include East Allegheny, Perry-South, Northview Heights, Spring Garden, and Troy Hill.

The community has a variety of attributes. Its location, low crime rate, abundant greenery, diversity of residents, and traditional neighborhoods all translate into a desirable area for families to raise children and for the elderly to live securely.

Spring Hill/Cityview is adjacent to Interstates 279 & 579, as well as Route 28, and is five minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Its location gives the community easy accessibility to retail and recreation in both downtown and suburban areas.

Although the community had German ethnic roots decades ago, neighbors of diverse races, economics, and social status give the community a melting-pot flavor today.

According to crime report statistics from the Bureau of Police, the community has one of the lowest crime rates in the City of Pittsburgh. Its Community Oriented Police officer is on duty at his mini-station in the community five days a week, and observant neighbors maintain a network of Block watch that is proactive in keeping criminal activity at a minimum.

Residents participate in the community in a multitude of ways. Active neighborhood groups like the Spring Hill Civic League and Cityview Citizens Association interact with city government to maintain the community and organize year-round activities for community families. Children's sports teams and a community ball field are maintained through the efforts of the Spring View Athletic Association. The senior residents can participate in two different groups: Spring Hill Seniors and Seniors from Spring Hill. Neighbors have worship opportunities at Holy Wisdom parish and St. Michael's, ELCA. The business sector of the community consists of two corner grocery stores, Hamm's and Beatty's, Spring Hill Savings Bank, Brady's Memorial Home, Sky-Vue Terrace, and a host of residents who work as independent contractors from their homes.

Visitors are amazed at Spring Hill/Cityview's secluded, verdant beauty and frequently remark that they were not aware of this bedroom community nestled on the hilltop. All the neighborhood's amenities, coupled with a glorious view of the Pittsburgh region, add to the attractiveness of the community.

All in all, the 3,300 residents of Spring Hill/Cityview have chosen to live in a community that is one of Pittsburgh's best-kept secrets!
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