Lawrenceville United

  Lawrenceville United (LU) is a non-profit, resident-driven, community-based organization, which was established in May of 2001.
LU works to ensure that the community includes all elements that enable residents and stakeholders to maintain a high quality of life and productivity through community advocacy, community planning, community building, and development. Membership is open to and encouraged for all residents and stakeholders of Lawrenceville. Please contact
us with any community concerns or issues!
4825 Butler Street
(412) 802-7220

Use Your Voice!
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Come to a Block Watch Meeting:

¿ ¿ 6th Ward (28th-40th Street)- Meets every last Monday at St. Augustine¿s Auditorium, 37th & Butler at 7:00pm
¿ ¿ 9th Ward People¿s (41st-49th Sts below Butler)- Meets every 2nd Wednesday at 4825 Butler St at 7:00pm
¿ ¿ 9th Ward Happenings (42th-46th Sts above Butler)- Meets every 3rd Tuesday at St. Mary¿s Lyceum, 46th Street at 7:00pm
¿ ¿ 9th Ward 40th/Fisk/Main (40th, Fisk, Main Sts. Above Butler)- Meets every 4th Tuesday at Stephen Foster Center, Main St. at 7:00pm
¿ ¿ 10th Ward (Stanton Ave. to 62nd St)- Meets every 2nd Tuesday at St. Matthews Hall, 53rd & Carnegie, at 6:30pm

Director: Lauren Bryne
Phone: 412-802-7220
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