South of Downtown Pittsburgh, Allentown is surrounded by the southern slope of Mount Washington, Beltzhoover, Knoxville and the slopes of the South Side.Allentown is home to the beautiful Grandview Park. The popular "T", Pittsburgh's rapid transit system, runs right through this neighborhood's business district, making it one of the city's most convenient neighborhoods.During the 1860's, the firm of McLain & Maple purchased the Allen and Beltzhoover farms and laid out plots and streets. German immigrant millworkers who first settled in Birmingham (now known as South Side) to work in the steel, iron, and glass factories started moving up the hill to Allentown, as Birmingham became increasingly polluted and congested.As the millworkers began buying lots in Allentown and building houses similar to those they had known in their homeland, Allentown came to look like a rustic German town with rows of wooden houses, many with stained glass windows and some with fancy porches. Today, single family frame and brick homes abound in Allentown, many of which have spectacular views of the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline.Allentown is a closely knit, family-oriented community of 3,600 people. Neighbors are actively involved in their community by helping to plan block parties, youth activities and other community events.The neighborhood of Allentown is represented by Pittsburgh City Council District #3.
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