The South Side, which is divided topographically into the Flats, the Slopes, and the South Shore, is located south of both Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland. Commuters and visitors to the South Side enjoy convenient public transportation in the form of buses and the "T".Pittsburgh's South Side is a unique mix of residents -- older neighbors whose families have lived on the same street for generations, and young families and single professionals attracted by the thriving arts and cultural communities. South Side Flats:
The South Side's East Carson Street business district is one of the longest in Pittsburgh, and features unique retail shops, galleries and restaurants. The neighborhood also has developed a thriving arts and cultural community. The South Side of today reflects a rich history. The numerous churches stand representative of the area's varied ethnicity. Row houses dominate the South Side flats, while townhomes are available in the new South Shore development along the river. South Side Slopes: One of the Pittsburgh's little-known jewels, narrow winding streets and a network of steps connect the hillside community known as the South Side Slopes. Graced with spectacular views of the city and an abundance of green space, the Slopes provide affordable living only minutes from Downtown, Oakland, and historic Carson Street.The housing on the South Side Slopes was originally built for the many immigrant workers who came to work in steel mills at the turn of the century. These houses are often one room wide, two rooms deep, and up to three or four stories high. They are tucked into the hillside with narrow walkways between them. Many of these charming homes, mostly built in the 1800s, offer spectacular views of Pittsburgh's skyline at an affordable price.
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