Garfield is located in the famed East End of Pittsburgh, and is surrounded by East Liberty, Friendship, Bloomfield, and Lawrenceville. The neighborhood was first developed by John Winebiddle in 1771 and was sold to the City in 1867. It is named after President James Garfield. A diverse number of restaurants and shops lines Penn Avenue, which runs through a large part of this area. Garfield has open spaces, trees, and clean air. There's plenty of room for playing ball and for gardening. There are hills for sled riding and parks for picnicking. The view is breathtaking: from the crest of Fern Street, one can see all across the city.

Garfield is the home of the Upstairs Theater, an intimate theater that features local performers. Fort Pitt Elementary School and Rogers School for the Creative and Performing Arts are both located here. Rogers students have given their artistic talent to the neighborhood by creating murals that beautify the sides of several buildings.

Garfield is brimming with stately old "Pittsburgh Boxes," frame and brick rowhomes, and new homes in Mossfield Court. The neighborhood's residents are served by active community groups (Bloomfield/Garfield Corp., Garfield Jubilee Association, Garfield Gators Youth sports)that provide youth programming, rehabilitate houses and address issues that affect the quality of life in Garfield.

Bloomfield / Garfield Public Safety Taskforce tackles issues concerning the Bloomfield -Garfield-Friendship areas. They meet on the 2nd wednesday of each month at 113 N. Pacific Ave. (Garfield)
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