Bloomfield is a plateau above the Allegheny River, and is bordered by Penn Avenue on the north, the East Busway on the south, 40th Street on the west, and extends east as far as Graham Street. The East Busway is set in a valley that separates Bloomfield from Polish Hill, the Hill District and Shadyside; the neighborhoods are within sight of one another, and are connected by the Bloomfield Bridge and the South Millvale Bridge, both of which span this gap.

Every year the Bloomfield Business Association hosts the Little Italy Days Festival

Liberty Avenue runs down the heart of the neighborhood's business district. This character can perhaps best be described as earthy, gritty, close-knit, and proud; as local author Chris Potter puts it, "Bloomfield has always taken pride in its modest working-class aspirations and a lack of...upper-class trappings." The local rowhouses, constructed mostly of wooden frames covered long ago by aluminum siding, have unpretentious exteriors that often conceal lovingly maintained interiors.

The business district along Liberty Avenue puts most of life's necessities, and several luxuries, within an easy walk of Bloomfield residents: besides two churches (St. Joseph's Church and Immaculate Conception Parish) and West Penn Hospital, there are many bars and restaurants, one supermarket and two Italian markets, plus tanning and hair salons, gift and card shops, bakery, gyms, two barber shops, a cobbler, a vacuum repairman, and much more. Many restaurants serve Italian cuisine, although the neighborhood does feature a noted Polish restaurant. There are also two Thai and two Chinese restaurants.

Blockwatch Bloomfield Neighborhood Blockwatch Group captains meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month @ 7pm. (St. Joseph's church or Immaculate Conception)

President: Janet Scallion-Cercone
Contact Person: Patti Ladowski
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