East Carnegie Citizens Council

  East Carnegie is a neighborhood located southwest of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania adjacent to the neighborhood of Oakwood. It is a ┬┐natural area┬┐ with the majority of the residences located in the City of Pittsburgh.

Most of East Carnegie uses a post office zipcode of 15106, while a small part of this neighborhood uses a zipcode of 15205. Residents residing within City of Pittsburgh boundaries have representation on Pittsburgh City Council by the council member for District 2 (West Neighborhoods). The remaining residents are represented by their respective borough councils.

East Carnegie is located along Chartiers Creek, with access to downtown Pittsburgh or the Airport via the Port Authority Transit's West Busway. East Carnegie is a primarily residential neighborhood, home to Union Electric Steel Corporation and several small businesses, including the Cellone Bakery Co., and the Chartiers Nature Conservancy. The area has easy access to shopping and restaurants located in surrounding neighborhoods like the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center, Parkway Center Mall, Carnegie, and the retail development in Robinson Town Center. In the center of this community is the East Carnegie Parklet, a small area with a jungle-gym, swing set, basketball court, and tennis court. On warm days, children are seen playing there from dawn until dusk.

Up until the late 1970s, the neighborhood had numerous family-owned businesses, including grocery stores, bakeries, and small restaurants along Idlewood Avenue, a road that runs from where the neighborhood begins at Noblestown Road to where it ends at Morange Road. For whatever reason, most of these small businesses were closed and Idlewood Avenue became mostly residential.

In 2007, Union Electric Steel Corporation began buying out houses along Idlewood Avenue to tear them down and build corporate office buildings. Some residents think this project will cause further deterioration of the community.

The neighborhood is characterized by closely set frame houses on two and three-block long streets. Many families in East Carnegie have lived in the neighborhood for generations, resulting in a close-knit, friendly community.

East Carnegie is in the Pittsburgh Public School District. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade attend Westwood K-8 School. Students in 9th through 12th grades attend Langley High School.
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